Getting Started


Hey there!

Welcome to That’s Knotty!

This is my first blog ever, but I’m hoping to turn my love of crochet into something I can share with all of you. This first post is just going to be boring, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

So let me give you some insight into how I’m hoping this blog will develop. I have been a member of several Facebook groups centered around crochet, and have always gotten positive feedback on my creations. I’m hoping this blog will become a place where I can share my projects, post a few patterns, and most importantly, a place where I can connect to fellow crocheters like YOU!

I promise to post lots of awesome pictures, along with lots of my meaningless ramblings. So please, sit back, enjoy, and maybe even get a little knotty :]


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  1. Good luck on your journey I have not long started mine relating to crochet and am loving it, it also makes me want to finish and create projects to put on my blog, I hope you have the same inspiration and joy as I have since doing my blog 🙂 Good Luck again 😀


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