Big Girls Love Crochet Too!!


Wow. it has been a LONG time since I posted on here. It seems life just sort of got in the way! But today I’m back, with an all new pattern to share!

With the weather getting colder (even here in Florida!) boot cuffs seem to have become a popular crochet trend. Unfortunately, most patterns, whether free or paid, are labeled as “OSFM” or “One Size Fits Most”. Now, I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t fit into the “most” category, and I never have. It was hard enough to find boots to fit my huge legs (finally found wide calf boots at Kmart that actually fit me!). It was even harder to find a cuff pattern. Anything I found would have to be adapted to fit larger women like myself. So, I figured if I was going to put in the work of adapting, I might as well write the pattern from scratch! Yes, they are similar to the hundreds of other boot cuff patterns out there, but these take the guess work out of making bigger ones! (Although these could be easily adapted for larger or smaller sizes!)

Unfortunately, my son lost the memory card to my camera, so I’m stuck with a VERY BAD QUALITY camera phone picture. These look so much better in person!

boot cuffs

Anyway, on to the pattern!

Wide Calf Boot Cuffs

Pattern Level – Easy

Hook Used – K.

Yarn Used – I used Red Heart Super Saver in the color Jade, but any similar weight yarn will work!

Stitches/Abbreviations Used – FDC: Foundation Double Crochet. DC: Double Crochet. SC: Single Crochet. TR: Triple Crochet. ST: Stitch. SL ST: Slip Stitch. CH: Chain

(All abbreviations and stitches used are in US crochet terms)

Round 1 – FDC 45. Join to top of first ST, Careful not to twist. If you don’t know how to do the foundation double crochet, head on over to Youtube for lots of nifty tutorials! Once I learned it, I never started with a regular chain again!)

Round 2 – CH 1. 1 DC in same ST as join. 1 DC in each ST around. Join to first DC (45 ST)

Round 3-8 – Repeat round 2.

Round 9 – CH 1. 1 SC in same ST as join. 1 SC in each ST around.

Round 10 – CH 1. Skip joining ST and  next ST. [2 DC, 1 TR, 2 DC] all in next ST. Skip next ST. SL ST in next ST. *SL ST in next ST. Skip next ST. [2 DC, 1 TR, 2 DC] all in next ST. Skip next ST. SL ST in next ST* Repeat between * and * seven more times, for a total of 9 points.

Fasten off. Weave in tails, using bottom tail to close gap left by joining Round 1.

Add a bow or embellishment of your choice, or leave them plain!

And that’s all there is to the Wide Calf Boot Cuff! To make them smaller or larger, just adjust your starting FDC to the necessary length, making sure you have multiples of 5.

I hope you enjoy these boot cuffs! I’ll try to find my memory card and get some better pictures posted!


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