Best friends, Warm weather, and Baby dresses


The other night my best friend since high school decided to come hang out. She recently learned to crochet, and needed my help on a baby hat she was making. Well a simple hat soon turned into a strawberry hat. Then we decided it needed matching sandals, and not long after came to the decision to make a dress too.



Once we finished her set, I was absolutely IN LOVE with it! So I decided to play around with a new set for one of my cousins. I hit the Walmart, spent about 10 minutes debating color choices with my mother, and finally decided on some gorgeous purple, turquoise, and purple/blue/pink variegated yarn.

The dress was made from a pattern found here. The buttons are meant to go on the back, but I think they are so adorable on the front!


The headband was something I designed after looking at TONS of different patterns online. Nothing I found was exactly what I was looking for. It ties on, so can be worn longer.


The sandals were based off a pattern my friend found (I’m sorry, I dont have the link :[ ) And then I added the same flowers as the headband.


I am absolutely IN LOVE with this set! I think the colors came togethet perfectly. I only wish I had a little girl of my own to make one for!


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to purchase a set of your own, you can contact me here.

Thanks for reading!


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